New-Construction-InspectionWhether you are purchasing a production home or a custom built home, there is only one way to protect your investment – have the home inspected by a Certified Building Consultant®.  From site development through the pre-closing, punch list, we will represent your interests in owning a quality built home.  If you think the standard builder’s warranty protects you, you are mistaken.  If you think the local municipal building inspector will protect you, you are mistaken.  You should know you can’t sue the building department for errors or omissions.  While you can sue the builder for defective construction, often you will discover you have accepted a “third party warranty” policy along with “arbitration clauses” which may serve to discredit your claim.  Further, state legislation regarding builders warranty obligations are written “in favor of” the builder.  Last, but not least, you will find hiring a construction claims attorney is expensive!

Your best defense against buying a construction defect is in avoiding it in the first place!

We offer construction phase inspections, final punch list inspections, pool inspections and 1 year warranty inspections.  We also provide a pre-commitment review of your home choice to help you understand what you are considering.  We find many production home buyers don’t really understand what materials are included in the home.  Buyer’s may confuse the home the builder is providing with what they viewed on the builder’s model home – often, the model home has materials/components which are not included in the plan.  The model home may show stucco walls but the home being provided may only have stucco on the front elevation and cementitious siding panels on all other walls for example.  The devil in always in the details.

Phase Inspections: We will inspect the home at critical stages in the construction schedule.

Footer/Slab: Conduct pre-slab inspection of forming, reinforcement, termite pre-treatment and moisture barrier. Verify underground utility piping.

Rough Frame/Pre-drywall: Inspect all framing, rough utilities, AC ducts, roof deck, door/window openings, truss system. Check finish floor elevations for uniformity.

Stucco/EIFS: Conduct pre-installation inspection to verify surface preparation/MRB

Final Building: Inspect all finished components to include roof covering, gutters, doors/windows, plumbing/electrical, flooring, finishes, wall cladding, drives/walks. Conduct a balance test of the HVAC system. Provide a punch list report for presentation to the Builder.

A report of all findings will be furnished after each phase inspection.